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Program Benefits

Why Should I Take The CBC?


  • Advance your business consulting career by raising your level of business consulting knowledge and increasing your ability to work quickly and effectively. Specialized knowledge is valuable and an asset in our knowledge economy.
  • Lifetime access to tools and multimedia training resources found online within the (CBC) Certification Program.
  • Speak the business consulting language – Earning the CBC Designation assures that you can attend conferences, interviews and other networking events while being able to contribute to conversations and understand discussions about current events or trends within the industry.  Our program will help you to understand the terms and implement the tactics and tools of leading business consulting professionals.

Add The Certified Business Consultant (CBC) Program to Your Resume Immediately: As soon as you register you can list on your resume that you are a candidate within the Certified Business Consultant (CBC) program. Once you graduate, you can add the CBC designation after your name, and you can add the following lines to your resume under your Education or Academics section:

  • Completed a challenging business consultant training and certification program that required the completion of a strategic project.
  • Obtained a ___% on the two-hour comprehensive examination on business consulting, which included 80 multiple choice questions and two essay questions.

Please call our friendly U.S. based team at 305-503-9050 if you have any questions. If you are ready to get started today and get lifetime access to our training platform please complete the form on our registration page.

This program includes expert audio interviews recorded with these experts:

Jerry Weinberg: Jerry is a teacher, author, and researcher on business consulting.

Jerry is a 50 year veteran in this industry and we are honored to have him complete this recorded audio interview with us.


Malko Ebers: Malko is the CEO of New York Business Consultants and on the Board of the New York City Peace Museum.  His firm provides consulting for small and mid-sized companies which need help identifying new business opportunities, strategic planning, hiring the right people, and allocating the correct resources in order to grow.

Malko also helps clients with international business development as well.

Andrew Miller: Andrew is President of ACM Consulting, Inc. who is known as “The Procurement Guru.” Andrew works with both public and private sector businesses in generating operational and financial improvements. He helps clients move faster and more efficiently and in this interview he shares some of the best practices that he has learned along the way. This audio recording was originally produced for another training program but since Andrew works as a consultant this can provide you with a good example of how one consultant is running their business.

Terri Levine: Terri is a business mentor, coach, and consultant. She focuses on working with small business consulting clients which range from startups to larger companies who are looking for new business and executive coaching/consulting help.

She has both corporate and business ownership experience, and she helps her clients with business management, personal, and organizational challenges and she has a P.h.D in organizational behavior.

Steve Wintner: Steve is owner and founder of Management Consulting Services (MSC). He has over 6 decades of experience as an executive at two architecture firms and owned his own firm in the industry.

He is now focused on providing management consulting services clients in the U.S.

Dave Turkin: Dave is President of Accessible Business Consultants, which is a boutique business consulting firm which serves small to medium sized businesses with expertise in one-on-one consulting.

Bruce Katcher: Bruce is President of Discovery Consulting Group and author of the book shown here to the left, the Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Consulting Practice.

Bruce has a PhD in Organizational Psychology and he has a background in teaching, consulting on employee opinion surveys and organizational behavior, and teaching others how to build their own consulting firms.


Eli David: Eli is a CPA, economist, and MBA graduate with extensive experience in business analysis, business planning, and consulting. Eli is a former auditor at a top accounting firm KPMG, and has also done consulting for BDO Consultants. Eli owns a consulting business and does work with startups and medium size business clients in several areas,he is based in Argentina.


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