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Strategic Project

Certified Business Consultant Strategic Project

The Certified Business Consultant (CBC) Program requires participants to complete a Strategic Business Consulting Project in order to graduate from the program.  This plan is worth 100 points and accounts for 50% of the total grade within the program.  As such, non-submission of this strategic plan will result in an automatic failing grade for the CBC program.

 Once you have completed this project, please send it and your request to take your desired exam date at least 2 weeks before the scheduled exam date. To schedule yourself for an exam date, this project must be received, completed, at least 2 weeks before the exam date. For example, to take the October 10th exam date, this project must be received (as well as a request to take the exam) no later than September 26th.


This strategic project is going to attempt to directly apply what you have been learning within this program to your current business consulting business or career.

Your Assignment: You have been hired by ABC Marketing Consulting, Inc. to start a new division offering consulting services to mid-sized corporations.  Your new division of the firm will now be offering a niche offering of identifying where the company’s best ideas have come from, what products are selling most profitably, analyzing the competition in each industry they operate in and then identifying where the firm’s strategic thrusts should be over the next 1, 3 and 5 years.

You have been put in charge of creating this division from the ground up.  Based on what you have learned within this program please answer the following questions in less than 100-300 words each.

1)  How do you plan on identifying which professionals you will be hiring to join your team? What exact objective measurements will you use and what long-term considerations do you make while putting these policies in place?

2) After you have hired a team of consultants, how will you manage them? What systems will you use, and what will you do and not do?

3) What is your plan for attracting new clients to your consulting firm? How will you generate new business?

4) What policies will you put in place to set ethical standards for how your team operates?

5) What do you believe are the five most important principles and best practices that if rigorously implemented will place your consulting division above all of your competitors? Without doing competitive industry research, which do you think are the most valuable consulting best practices that you will absolutely integrate into every consulting project you complete?

Submit Your Answers:  Once you have answered these questions please check them over to make sure that your answers are complete and concise and then submit them to our team at Team@BusinessTraining.com for review.

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